Leah’s Cinderella Tea Party

As little girls we dream about Cinderella serenading our family¬†and friend. Well for Leah this dream was a reality, and it wasn’t even her birthday! All the attendees were adorned in beautiful dresses and hats for the occasion. ¬†There was one little man there, and he wasn’t too interested in Cinderella as he parked it on the floor in his cute bow tie playing with his Tonka trucks. There was dancing and singing and Cinderella even did face painting for the little ones.

Bundts & Crumpets Speciality Tea & Baked Treats did a phenomenal job on all of the event details and treats. I love being the perks of a photographer because your guest always want to feed you, and trust! I enjoyed a stomach full of scones and bite sized banana puddings. Dawn did an amazing job creating several courses that the little ladies, and gent enjoyed.

After the ladies filled their bellies they played some musical chairs, we tried to get them to pose for a group image (hey you try getting 15 kids under 3ft tall to stand still), and were sent off with amazing little cakes in the form of Disney characters. If I could have left my camera on my bag and got my face painted I would. Kudo’s to Leah’s awesome family for making their baby’s dream come true, and mine too!

Tea Party Decorations



Little girl tea party












Cinderella tea party


Tea Party1


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