Nava Family: Robertson Park

I am so in love with these gorgeous images from my recent family session with Stephanie and her gorgeous kiddies. The first time I met Stephanie we instantly bonded over commonalities such as music and raising kids as single parents. I had like insane respect for her because I remember how hard it was with just one and she has three little ones. She always has a smile and such a warm and welcoming personality. Every time we talk, it is lots of laughs and stories shared in like a 10min conversation, even when it’s in-between my son’s music lesson.

I have had the pleasure of having Noah, Jillian, Caitlyn and Presley in my kids choir at the church. They are talented just like their mama. If they are not singing they are dancing and involved in sports. I was so excited when she mentioned she needed family pics and I loved editing every single image. I hope you guys enjoy these as much as I did. Robertson Park was a perfect mix of city and park to capture this gorgeous family.



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