Susie & Justin: San Francisco Stern Grove Engagement Session

I had the pleasure of meeting Susie and Justin briefly at a local bridal showcase and although the meeting was brief I was struck by the fact that they were both gorgeous and had an adorable connection. I was ecstatic when Susie contacted me for an engagement session, and after a few emails back and forth we agreed on Stern Grove Park in San Francisco. Talk about a gorgeous backdrop! I enjoyed my time shooting this adorable couple and their adorable pooch. This was also the first time I attempted to shoot film and I knew I was in love as soon as I got the scans back. It was a perfect day to capture their lovely connection. Wishing Susie and Justin a wonderful future together in 2016!2016-02-17_00142016-02-17_00152016-02-17_00242016-02-17_00172016-02-17_00132016-02-17_00222016-02-17_00122016-02-17_00182016-02-17_00162016-02-17_00112016-02-17_00232016-02-17_00252016-02-17_00202016-02-17_00212016-02-17_0019 


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