Take a Trip With Me

As my client I sometimes challenge you. I ask you to go into territory you are not familiar with. Sometimes it can be a trek into the snow, a hike onto uneven ground, or even more, a trip into yourself. I may pose you and have you interact in a way that makes you giggle or blush all to draw something beautiful out of you from the inside, more then just your gorgeous smile and amazing eyes. I will ask you to close your eyes, take a deep breath and then blow it out and let your shoulders sink as you do, now open those eyes right to me. I may tell you to think of something or ask your love to tell you something in your ear that will make you blush and to get that giggle he or she can draw from you. I may tell you to suck in your core and tooch your booty out to give you a sexy curve, or put all your weight into one leg or the other. I may even say something a little inappropriate to make you draw up your eye brows and give me a look of “did she just say that?” and then we will laugh, and snap there is your image. You can sometimes hear me saying, even just to myself,”you look so hot!, you are so gorgeous, you look handsome, that shirt makes your eyes pop, oh my goodness you guys are setting my camera on fire.” All things I say in the moment from an honest place of what I see.  But I realize that this type of vulnerability comes from a place of trust between you and I and only once you have opted in for the journey.

I have had numerous amounts of you tell me, “I am not photogenic”, really? Neither am I! So we are in this together. My job is to earn your trust so that you will take a journey with me into a place where you will show me the real you, because that my friend is true beauty. I am not just a photographer taking pretty pictures, but an artist passionate about my craft.

Muir Woods


2015 Year in Review

Hi friends! How can I even begin, every time I try I get all misty and chocked up, so I thought I would share with you what I have seen…the growth! Images are not in date order but it is so fun to see all the wonderful clients who trusted me to photograph their moments. Some of you knowingly hiring even though I was brand new and didn’t know up from down. Many of you based it off of friendship and just wanted to help a sista out! Others just saw the hard work and knew I would work really really hard to capture your day and make your important memories a priority. Whatever it was that sent you to me, I want to thank you for the wonderful lovely opportunity you gave me to allow my creative side to shine.

I could write a million thank you’s to all the fellow photogs, family and friends who supported me but I will save you from the 500 worded blog, lol. I know my business is powered by Christ, and my hubs who has taken on a role in our house that allows me to be able to do my thing on the weekends. My lovely son who is always pushing me to be better and telling me truth when he see’s something not right, my sister who seriously reads all my blogs, my mama who came up with the word Embrace which is now a permanent part of my branding, and my God, who keeps my grounded spiritually and mentally.

Now let’s check out the year in review for Ty Pentecost Photography

Just Jump

Remember that song, well lets be honest you probably won’t unless you were crazy about the Dixie Chicks like I was, but there was this song, Cowboy Take Me Away. I used to sing it to the top of my lungs in my car on the way to work everyday, on the way home, on the way to church, yah I said it, lol, everywhere.

When I went to look up the song for this blog I realized I was totally singing the song wrong, here is their version:

“I said, I wanna touch the earth, I wanna break it with my hands.”

My, much better and sensible version:

“I said, I wanna touch fear, I wanna break it with my hands.”

So you can see why my version is better right? No seriously, all joking aside, coming into the new year that song, after not hearing it for almost 7 or 8 years, has been playing out in my mind, well my version of the line. I do want to break fear with my hands, get rid of it and put it in a place where it can’t stop me from following my dreams.

In 2016 I have plans for my business and even though adversities are bound to happen, and fear of everything will probably rear it’s ugly head, I want to break it in my hands and keep it moving.  For some people fear could mean staying safe, safe in the same photography style but your heart really wants to try something new, safe at that 9-5 that you know brings in a nice paycheck, safe… and warm… and cozy… all snug as a bug in a rug. I don’t want to always play it safe, cause safe can sometimes mean lack of growth and I want to continue to grow, develop and push myself into areas I never imagined. There have been times when I jumped into something heart pounding scared to death, but I closed my eyes and jumped! There have been other times I sat paralyzed and just wanting to be…safe.

Now I am not saying go get all willy nilly and quit your job, sell your house, move to Tuscany and open a bread and breakfast….or am I??



Go Get It!

As photographers there is a LOT of competition. Like crazy amounts. There are those out there that have been in the market for years and have a thriving business and thats a beautiful balance of hard work that has paid off, but this blog is for those of us who are new. As I come upon the new year I have started to reflect on my business and what things I need to start, stop and continue doing. I approached this year with a fierce internal fire and drive to improve upon my art. I stopped looking at clients as clients but as a masterpiece that I wanted to capture for that moment in time. Every photoshoot I asked God to show me what he see’s in them and let me capture that in an image. Every single shoot I pray that prayer, I also ask him to allow my light to shine no matter how tired I am. I let this lead me, not what I allow my alter ego to tell me.

As a new photographer there is a lot of discouragement from every direction. Reading blogs I have read things that made me wonder why the heck I was doing what I was doing. My camera was remedial, why did I pose them like that? You put the soft box on the wrong side, your composition is all off….and the list goes on and on. Feedback stung like a mug, especially when I thought I was amazing!! Back to reality!! I cried a LOT and felt like a failure, cause trust me I am a sensitive creature under all this hair! My God and my girls Mary Mary reminded me of something that I want to pass along to all of you new and maybe even older photogs that might be finding yourself in a artistic rut, not feeling good enough, or just need a little extra love today here is a few words from one of my fav songs when I find myself needing to PUSH through:

“It’s like you’re looking through a telescope you see where you going to be! Growing getting better your not the person they see. Can’t be mad at the things you’ve been through cause they built your muscle, now your stronger then you’ve ever been they can’t stop your hustle.

Your faith ain’t never small, thats what brought you this far. See you got your dreams and you got your prayers and you got your God he going to take you there. See everybody has a season and I believe this one’s yours. Cause you’ve been working, waiting, this what you’ve been praying for.

Go Get, Go Get Your Blessing! It’s Your Time

You were made to live a good life and thats what I believe, so hit the floor say a prayer start working, you got to do something, It’s alright to crawl before you walk, its alright to walk before you run, but if you want to get what you never got, got to do something that you’ve never done!”

Check out the video below

Go Get It – Mary Mary


Beauty In The Struggle

An awesome fellow photographer of mine posted this image on her Facebook page and I immedietly connected. I love ballet and how graceful they can turn and leap across the stage. We sit there in awe as they spin and spin and spin, but do we have a clue the struggle and sacrifice that was made to dance with such perfection. The bloody toes and lost toe nails, hamstring tears and whatever other injuries happen when a ballerina perfects her craft. 

My friend went on to mention some of the truth behind the perfectly composed images she crafts. I thought about myself and how as of late I have started to build my brand and the sacrifices it takes to do so. The late nights I spend editing and fine tuning, the money spent on creating images that my clients expect. It is amazing to me the time I have spent and others in the same boat as me, on trying to reach their goals. I didn’t just pick up my camera and shoot awesome pics. I have watched so much YouTube I should own stock, I’ve  paid for mentors, tagged along with other photographers, and the list can really go on. 

I feel very blessed to have such an amazing supportive family and I know my sacrifice is also there’s. I post the finished product of the images but the struggle and pain and time is real!!  It takes so much love and passion to do what we do. Delivering images my clients are proud of makes my heart so full!! So this is a note to any of you wanting to start a business, it’s stinkin hard!!! BUT!! Don’t let the struggle stop you from the pursuit of a perfectly crafted arabesque. 

Photo Source: Unknown 


Fall Changes

Hi Friends,

So I am still new to this whole blogging thingy, but I am having lot’s of fun sharing my thoughts on life, photography, and sharing my clients stories with you. Every fall season business sometimes hibernate like bears, wellll not literally, but they do take the time to reevaluate, plan and implement changes for the new year. Well I literally hibernate like a bear, JK! I do start to think of ways to enhance and improve my clients experience. It is fun to reflect on the previous year and take on the start, stop, and continue approach. I will STOP editing images during Scandal, I have to keep rewinding too many times!!! LOL I will START offering print services to my clients, I will CONTINUE to engage with each and ever client, you guys are like my extended family!

So in the spirit of change I am excited to announce some fun enhancements to the blog. First I am going to add a Featured Artist section. In this section you will get to read about other artist like myself, as well as florist, make-up artist and anything else wedding or general photography related. There are some amazing talented people out there that I want you to hear about!

Second I will be adding a bridal corner. There you will find such things as tips on what to wear for your engagement session, what are the best eyelash enhancements in the business, and much much more. Can I say I am very personally engaged with this section, being a jock most of my life.

Third, every single client has a story. I want to share your story and our experience together with other readers. I have in the past hand picked which sessions to share, but I want to let you know you are all special to me, wether we are doing a 30min mini session or a full blown 10hr wedding you will get a featured spot. Of course privacy will always be respected.

Lastly, my friends know how much I LOVE education. I am learning and growing and I want those who are interested and like minded to do the same. If it wasn’t for other photographers and friends helping me along the way I would not be in this spot with my business right now. I will be adding education under my photography section. Wether you are a newbie photog who just wants to be a novice, or if you are working on establishing yourself in the photography industry like me, lets learn and grow together! I will add settings to images that I share, lighting tips and tricks, as well as some behind the scene videos where you can watch me work, and sometimes make a bit of a goof out of myself, cause guess what, that’s just who I am, lol!!

So whoo, there you have it, a few changes to get us revved up for the new year. Doesn’t that sound weird? We are already talking about the new year!!


So for the last week the word embrace has been on my mind every morning as I go through my morning routine. I knew where it was coming from, but I kept pushing the word to the back of my mind, because when I looked around I wasn’t feeling like doing too much embracing, besides of course my hubby, my baby and fur kids. They could get all the embracing they wanted. But embracing myself?, no way man! I felt like too much of a hot mess. The week before I had the commute from h-e-double hockey sticks, and I had an awesome engagement shoot, BUT I got some pics that my assistants took of me in the frame. Maybe it was the long commute but I began to dissect every single inch of that treacherous image, from the curls on the top of my head, my sweaty face, to my boring little ballerina slippers.  I then moved this negativity on to my job, my business, which then rolled into my house, and it just went on and on for about a week. I literally complained about life ALL the way home from work to my husband, all that was wrong with our home, my job, my hair, it was just ugly.

My husband patiently listened to me gripe and whine and then he did what men do who love their wives, he began to problem solve. He understands this juggling act I have been doing to start my business and still maintain some dignity as the queen of our household, although I have been behaving more like a vagabond. I have spent more time away from home then I have at home, and it has started to take it’s toll as I want to be that woman who cooks, and does my hubby’s laundry, and rather then Samson being the first face, me being the first face my son see’s when he opens the door after school. There are so many things that could change this of course and some are low hanging fruit and others are larger hills we have to climb, but the bottom line for me is to embrace.

You see acceptance and embrace are two different things to me. Acceptance would be being ok with the situation and not being worried about making it different, embrace meaning embracing the situation and taking an attitude of gratefulness for where I am at now. I need to embrace my situations and pray for God’s wisdom on when and how the big things are supposed to change in my life, but in the mean time, the self hate needs to cease. I woke up not physically looking any different and nothing in my life has changed but my attitude has. I put on my same clothes those same ballerina slippers, and I looked stinkin cute! I looked in the mirror and said “Lord I will embrace this because you made me and will meet me just where I am”. When we read our daily verse this morning I was so humbled because I knew the Lord was hearing my silent cry.

“For you created my inmost being; you knit me together in my mother’s womb. I praise you because I am fearfully and wonderfully made; your works are wonderful, I know that full well.” Psalm 138

Now talk about that for reinforcement. I pray for men and women alike to embrace themselves and remove self doubt and self hate, because we are wonderfully made!