Baby Carson

So what can I say? This little man was adorable and I was fortunate enough to watch him get bigger and bigger as his mommies tummy grew larger every day. I got to hear all about the plans for his room and his name and see the excitement on his mommies face as she planned for his future. I was so excited when Erica asked me to capture Carson’s first few days on this earth. What a special time and it is easy to see that this little man is loved!

Welcome to the world Baby Carson I look forward to watching you grow and seeing the man you will become. You will have great examples as I know first hands your parents are awesome.



So your photographer has delivered your gallery and you are in love with every image. You have ordered your canvases and prints and now are ready to get started. Where to even begin? All these blank walls and you are ready to get them personalized. Check out Surround Yourself with their latest blog post 5 Tips for Hanging Art.

Don’t let your investment sit in a closet!

Take a Trip With Me

As my client I sometimes challenge you. I ask you to go into territory you are not familiar with. Sometimes it can be a trek into the snow, a hike onto uneven ground, or even more, a trip into yourself. I may pose you and have you interact in a way that makes you giggle or blush all to draw something beautiful out of you from the inside, more then just your gorgeous smile and amazing eyes. I will ask you to close your eyes, take a deep breath and then blow it out and let your shoulders sink as you do, now open those eyes right to me. I may tell you to think of something or ask your love to tell you something in your ear that will make you blush and to get that giggle he or she can draw from you. I may tell you to suck in your core and tooch your booty out to give you a sexy curve, or put all your weight into one leg or the other. I may even say something a little inappropriate to make you draw up your eye brows and give me a look of “did she just say that?” and then we will laugh, and snap there is your image. You can sometimes hear me saying, even just to myself,”you look so hot!, you are so gorgeous, you look handsome, that shirt makes your eyes pop, oh my goodness you guys are setting my camera on fire.” All things I say in the moment from an honest place of what I see.  But I realize that this type of vulnerability comes from a place of trust between you and I and only once you have opted in for the journey.

I have had numerous amounts of you tell me, “I am not photogenic”, really? Neither am I! So we are in this together. My job is to earn your trust so that you will take a journey with me into a place where you will show me the real you, because that my friend is true beauty. I am not just a photographer taking pretty pictures, but an artist passionate about my craft.

Muir Woods

2015 Year in Review

Hi friends! How can I even begin, every time I try I get all misty and chocked up, so I thought I would share with you what I have seen…the growth! Images are not in date order but it is so fun to see all the wonderful clients who trusted me to photograph their moments. Some of you knowingly hiring even though I was brand new and didn’t know up from down. Many of you based it off of friendship and just wanted to help a sista out! Others just saw the hard work and knew I would work really really hard to capture your day and make your important memories a priority. Whatever it was that sent you to me, I want to thank you for the wonderful lovely opportunity you gave me to allow my creative side to shine.

I could write a million thank you’s to all the fellow photogs, family and friends who supported me but I will save you from the 500 worded blog, lol. I know my business is powered by Christ, and my hubs who has taken on a role in our house that allows me to be able to do my thing on the weekends. My lovely son who is always pushing me to be better and telling me truth when he see’s something not right, my sister who seriously reads all my blogs, my mama who came up with the word Embrace which is now a permanent part of my branding, and my God, who keeps my grounded spiritually and mentally.

Now let’s check out the year in review for Ty Pentecost Photography

Nava Family: Robertson Park

I am so in love with these gorgeous images from my recent family session with Stephanie and her gorgeous kiddies. The first time I met Stephanie we instantly bonded over commonalities such as music and raising kids as single parents. I had like insane respect for her because I remember how hard it was with just one and she has three little ones. She always has a smile and such a warm and welcoming personality. Every time we talk, it is lots of laughs and stories shared in like a 10min conversation, even when it’s in-between my son’s music lesson.

I have had the pleasure of having Noah, Jillian, Caitlyn and Presley in my kids choir at the church. They are talented just like their mama. If they are not singing they are dancing and involved in sports. I was so excited when she mentioned she needed family pics and I loved editing every single image. I hope you guys enjoy these as much as I did. Robertson Park was a perfect mix of city and park to capture this gorgeous family.


Lemmons Family: Alviso Adobe Park Pleasanton

It is not every day that you get to photograph clients that are insanely gorgeous inside and out. Paige and I share the same music teacher for our kids and I remember falling in love with Kendall when she sang one of my favorite 80’s songs of all time!! I had never officially met Kendall’s parents so was super excited to photograph their adorable family.

As soon as I met the rest of the family, Paige, Tom, Peyton and Khloe I knew I was in for a treat as they were all gorgeous and had the warmest welcoming smiles on their faces. We had a blast at the gorgeous Alviso Adobe Park in Pleasanton and I am so excited to share some of the lovely moments that were captured.