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Ashley & Cameron: Fall Auburn Wedding

Ashley and Cameron got married on a beautiful fall day overlooking the lake on the groom’s parent’s sprawling Auburn property. This day was bigger than Ashley and Cameron and included adorning watchful eyes that would be forever impacted by their union.  Ashley was overcome with tears early in the day overwhelmed with the thought of the personal commitment Cameron was making not just to her but to her daughter, BellaBoth Cameron and Ashley had some pre-ceremony shenanigans with their closest friends and but also had special moments too. Ashley was escorted down the long stretch from the house to the start of the aisle by Cameron’s father and then handed over to the arms of her own father.  Due to health issues, no one thought it was possible, but he was determined to escort his baby girl down the aisle and he accomplished just that. There was not a dry eye in the house when Cameron bent down to give his personal commitment of love and protection to Bella.   When the exchange of vows was complete they were all now one family connected not just by love but by recognized as such but all and the law too.

The wedding party, their closest friends and family dinned under a beautiful outdoor tent.  Their guests were treated to a smores bar and cotton candy. Having met in a club, Ashley and Cameron made sure that the DJ was spinning the latest beats that kept the dance floor full and I even did a little jig myself. 

Caterer: California Catering Company

Party Rentals: Celebrations Party Rentals

DJ: Danny Fisher’s Music Magic

Make-up Artist: Tina Marie

Hair Stylist: Jessica Stone

Floral Designer: La Breyer Dine and Design

Cake Designer: Paddy Cakes

Vintage Rentals: Simple Country Weddings




Jim & Jane: Pollock Pines Winter Wedding

Snow covered the ground in patches as I rounded the mountains to Jane and Jim’s home in Pollock Pines. I remember as I was going up and up I prayed that the Lord would have me to make it as the roads were windy and a little (LOT) scary. Jane had asked me if I was comfortable driving in the mountains, and of course me, “why yes!” When I arrived the house it was bustling with close friends and relatives and Jane and I bonded right away. You see, Jane and I didn’t meet in my traditional way of meeting with a new bride, there was no engagement session or bridal consultation, I had heard about a bride who’s wedding photographer canceled last minute and she was in urgent need of someone so we chatted over the phone and text back and forth until we both had a good sense of her special day.

Once I had arrived at the home, Jane shared how Jim and her had first met and how on date one, they had danced the night away. Jane is a former ice skater and she loves to dance. She chose to marry Jim in a beautiful gold sequenced gown that she added details to herself, which included a gorgeous handmade headpiece and bouquet. She said the first time we talked that she was into bling and that she was known as “glamma”. Well she was spot on because her whole wedding was blinged out with gorgeous details from start to finish. The ceremony was held on a private property with a family church on gorgeous estate which let in the most beautiful sunlight. After the ceremony family and friends went to Jane and Jim’s favorite steakhouse where they celebrated and danced the night away with the couples closest family and friends.


Jane’s gorgeous dress hanging from one of the barns on their lovely property.2016-01-06_0023

Jane’s added embellishments and handmade birdcage headpiece. 2016-01-06_00062016-01-06_00242016-01-06_0003

These two were smiles and giggles the whole day.2016-01-06_00262016-01-06_00072016-01-06_00102016-01-06_00372016-01-06_00022016-01-06_00082016-01-06_00392016-01-07_0001

They decided to do a first look, which gave us an opportunity to take come beautiful bridal portraits before their trip down the aisle.2016-01-06_00272016-01-06_00282016-01-06_00012016-01-06_00302016-01-06_00312016-01-06_00322016-01-06_00122016-01-06_00332016-01-06_00132016-01-06_0014

Jane being escorted down the aisle by her father.2016-01-06_00202016-01-06_00042016-01-06_00112016-01-06_00342016-01-06_0017

“With this ring, I thee wed!”2016-01-06_00052016-01-06_00182016-01-06_00192016-01-06_0025

Jane ready to boogie…2016-01-06_00442016-01-06_0043

Jane and Jim cutting their lovely winter themed wedding cake.2016-01-06_0040

Of course it was also blinged out.2016-01-06_00412016-01-06_0042

First dance as husband and wife.2016-01-06_0035

A dance with daddy.2016-01-06_00292016-01-06_00362016-01-06_0009

Jane, Jim and her parents get down and boogie!2016-01-06_00462016-01-06_0047

May the smiles and kisses last a lifetime!2016-01-06_0045

Take a Trip With Me

As my client I sometimes challenge you. I ask you to go into territory you are not familiar with. Sometimes it can be a trek into the snow, a hike onto uneven ground, or even more, a trip into yourself. I may pose you and have you interact in a way that makes you giggle or blush all to draw something beautiful out of you from the inside, more then just your gorgeous smile and amazing eyes. I will ask you to close your eyes, take a deep breath and then blow it out and let your shoulders sink as you do, now open those eyes right to me. I may tell you to think of something or ask your love to tell you something in your ear that will make you blush and to get that giggle he or she can draw from you. I may tell you to suck in your core and tooch your booty out to give you a sexy curve, or put all your weight into one leg or the other. I may even say something a little inappropriate to make you draw up your eye brows and give me a look of “did she just say that?” and then we will laugh, and snap there is your image. You can sometimes hear me saying, even just to myself,”you look so hot!, you are so gorgeous, you look handsome, that shirt makes your eyes pop, oh my goodness you guys are setting my camera on fire.” All things I say in the moment from an honest place of what I see.  But I realize that this type of vulnerability comes from a place of trust between you and I and only once you have opted in for the journey.

I have had numerous amounts of you tell me, “I am not photogenic”, really? Neither am I! So we are in this together. My job is to earn your trust so that you will take a journey with me into a place where you will show me the real you, because that my friend is true beauty. I am not just a photographer taking pretty pictures, but an artist passionate about my craft.

Muir Woods

2015 Year in Review

Hi friends! How can I even begin, every time I try I get all misty and chocked up, so I thought I would share with you what I have seen…the growth! Images are not in date order but it is so fun to see all the wonderful clients who trusted me to photograph their moments. Some of you knowingly hiring even though I was brand new and didn’t know up from down. Many of you based it off of friendship and just wanted to help a sista out! Others just saw the hard work and knew I would work really really hard to capture your day and make your important memories a priority. Whatever it was that sent you to me, I want to thank you for the wonderful lovely opportunity you gave me to allow my creative side to shine.

I could write a million thank you’s to all the fellow photogs, family and friends who supported me but I will save you from the 500 worded blog, lol. I know my business is powered by Christ, and my hubs who has taken on a role in our house that allows me to be able to do my thing on the weekends. My lovely son who is always pushing me to be better and telling me truth when he see’s something not right, my sister who seriously reads all my blogs, my mama who came up with the word Embrace which is now a permanent part of my branding, and my God, who keeps my grounded spiritually and mentally.

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Wedding Inspiration for Brides Who Love Vibrant Colors

This past August I attended a photography workshop put on by Whimsie Photo. We were in the gorgeous San Fernando Valley at the Arrowhead Pine Rose Cabins; everything about this location screamed magical!! I have to admit I am a city girl, and this was definitely country living, but the beautiful landscape quickly won me over, as well as the other awesome photographers I was able to meet. Sadi, owner and operator of Whimsie Photo put on a class act. Every single detail was thought of from the invitations to the lavish daytime and evening table settings. I knew once I was taking my 6hr drive home that I was on to something special and everything I had learned from the workshop were things I could apply to my business and my photography. I just had to share the images I was able to capture from this wedding workshop and I hope it inspires some of my bolder brides to incorporate lavish colors into your magical day!!

























Scott’s Jack London Square: Marlena and Matthews

Marlena and Matthews got married on a gorgeous June summer day. They exchanged vows in a gorgeous Oakland sanctuary with aged stained windows and beautiful wooden doors. With their traditional church wedding, came a sanctified holy spirit that rolled through the sanctuary. Bride, groom, and wedding party alike couldn’t resist the chance to raise their hands and thank God for this wonderful union. After exchanging tearful vows and sealing their new life with a kiss, the wedding party met outside to capture some beautiful pictures in front of those special wooden doors.

The reception took place at the gorgeous Scott’s Seafood Bar and Grill on the magical Jack London Square in Oakland. Overlooking the bay, the newlyweds enjoyed their evening with family and friends as they did the bouquet and garter toss, and guest were treated to a fun candy bar. I knew this wedding was extra special as it was accented with my favorite color, pink! After dinner and cake personalities were on the rise as a little wobble wobble was played by the DJ and bride and guest alike hit the dance floor. I hope you enjoy these fun wedding pics. Special thanks to Eric Marshall Photography for letting me partner with him on this beautiful wedding.

wedding details

wedding gown and bridal bouquet

wedding details1

beautiful bride

bridal prep

gorgeous bridal bouquet

wedding dress

beautiful bride1

bride and her father

beautiful church ceremony

I do

bridal party

gorgeous bride and groom reception details

sweetheart table

wedding cake

candy table wedding

bridesmaids jack london square

father daughter dance

bride and groom jack london square

bride and groom portraits scotts

bride and groom cut the cake