Hi Friends, so first let me preface this by saying my blog will be more then just sharing shiny pretty photos but a chance for me to have an outlet as I grow and develop in this new industry. I decided to write something on my creative process because I know being a creative person is one thing, but being able to display that in my work is another. I recently watched a quick video from Ira Glass and I literally began to cry because it was like finally someone was understanding where I am at in this process. I am new to photography so if you liked my page over the last few weeks it may looks like I have been in the game but I haven’t and I am putting it out there. I am new, I started shooting my son’s football games back in 2013 and if you now the football season you know that was the tail end of 2013. I started booking family shoots about a year later, so literally about 7 months ago and now I am pursing my passion around weddings. I am a wedding photographer first and a family and portrait photographer second, or so I tell myself, lol.

I have always known that sitting behind a desk was not what would fulfill passion in life so I have always been looking for an outlet. I have always had a entrepreneur spirit and I have sold things like Mary Kay and even Pampered Chef and I won’t bother to list off the other adventures I have taken on, lol. But I knew, I finally knew once I picked up that camera that was it, I had finally found where God wanted me to be without a shadow of a doubt. So now what the heck do I do, research of course, for me it is all about the research and finding work that I can identify with, understanding myself and what I want to come out from the inside out if that makes sense.

I know I have good taste when I was like 10yrs old my mom used to take us to this place called Captain Cooks, and she would laugh because I was the only one eating the raw fish, clams, oysters you name it if it was different I wanted it. I grew up thinking I was the black sheet and now that I am older and wiser I realize I was just on the creative side of the house with no outlet. I couldn’t draw, didn’t really dress cute or do cute things with may hair so what was my niche.

Practice, practice practice, shoot more, more and then some more. It is all about figuring out a way to communicate what my heart and mind see through my lens.

It takes time, I am a work in progress, and for those of you have came along with me on my journey, I commend you. I was the sports mama with a camera who has graduated to a photographer but it is a journey and I am still a work in progress.

Check out this two minute video that ties my thoughts all together

Ira Glass on the Creative Process


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