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Hi friends! So excited to be launching my photography YouTube channel. This channel is geared towards newer photographers who would like to learn some basics around such things as Lightroom and Photoshop editing, camera basics, client posing and much more.

Since this channel already existed you will get a nice little kick out of my old hair vlogs. I always want to hear what topics you guys want to learn! For now enjoy this quick little tip on culling through like a gazillion images, and make sure to click the link below and subscribe to my channel!

Ty Pentecost Photography Channel

Susie & Justin: San Francisco Stern Grove Engagement Session

I had the pleasure of meeting Susie and Justin briefly at a local bridal showcase and although the meeting was brief I was struck by the fact that they were both gorgeous and had an adorable connection. I was ecstatic when Susie contacted me for an engagement session, and after a few emails back and forth we agreed on Stern Grove Park in San Francisco. Talk about a gorgeous backdrop! I enjoyed my time shooting this adorable couple and their adorable pooch. This was also the first time I attempted to shoot film and I knew I was in love as soon as I got the scans back. It was a perfect day to capture their lovely connection. Wishing Susie and Justin a wonderful future together in 2016!2016-02-17_00142016-02-17_00152016-02-17_00242016-02-17_00172016-02-17_00132016-02-17_00222016-02-17_00122016-02-17_00182016-02-17_00162016-02-17_00112016-02-17_00232016-02-17_00252016-02-17_00202016-02-17_00212016-02-17_0019 

Swoon Wedding Workshops

On January 17th I entered into a completely new phase in my business, workshops. Myself and two other fellow photographers decided to take something small and make it something huge. We initially came together to do a very small stylized shoot, one couple, one bouquet, and some decor. The more I thought about it the more I wanted to offer an opportunity for other photographers, new, needing a break into the industry. Anyone who knows me knows I have a passion around learning and educating others.  So I went to the other photographers and pitched the idea of a workshop that would give interested photographers opportunities to photograph beautiful brides and grooms, wedding details and learn more about jump starting their businesses.

The first Swoon Wedding Workshop was born and what we ended up with was beyond what I could have ever imagined. The day started off with a all you can eat brunch where participants were given tips around workflow, editing, and how to market themselves. Brooke Beasley with Brooke Beasley Photography was our guest speaker and gave the group some great advice around how to get started in the business and getting focused. The group then headed over to the stylized shoot where there were five stations with different bride and groom couples, and two gorgeous wedding tables fully decorated to emulate an actual  wedding day bridal table. Beautiful bouquets and gorgeous dresses made the day even more exciting.

Just like a first of anything there are always things to be improved. The outcome for me turned from wanting to get awesome pictures for my websites to wanting to impact other people in a way that mattered. Getting text and messages from participants with feedback with areas for future improvement as well as how this has impacted their business has been music to my ears. I recently received a IM for a participant letting me know that the workshop motivated a rebrand and for their business and they are more on fire than ever. Overall I would say the day was a success with of course some hiccups but for our first ever workshop I would say it went swell and I am still swooning over the images. There will be a lot more Swoon as our partnerships have deepened and our ideas have grown and we hope to see you at the next one. Here are a few pics from the event and the candids were shot by my one and only son Todd.

Erica King 925-998-2540
Nita Speer 209-640-0980

Make Up Artist:
Ashley Pattillo 925-577-5880 https://www.facebook.com/TOGgirls/

Bunches www.buncheslosgatos.com 408-395-5451
Designer: Kari Trevino

Cake Designer:
Cakes By Erica
916-412-5948 www.facebook.com/cakesbyericabrowning

Table Décor and Design:
Elegant Curve Events & Design www.elegantcurve.com
Designer: Sharonda Ransom

Dress Designers:
Simply Bridal www.simplybridal.com 800-701-4026

Recapture Vintage Bridal Couture http://www.Recapturedesigns.com/
Designer: Robin

Wedding Invitations:
The Busy Brides Helpers
Shannon Clapp

Location: West 12 Ranch Studio


Baby Carson

So what can I say? This little man was adorable and I was fortunate enough to watch him get bigger and bigger as his mommies tummy grew larger every day. I got to hear all about the plans for his room and his name and see the excitement on his mommies face as she planned for his future. I was so excited when Erica asked me to capture Carson’s first few days on this earth. What a special time and it is easy to see that this little man is loved!

Welcome to the world Baby Carson I look forward to watching you grow and seeing the man you will become. You will have great examples as I know first hands your parents are awesome.


So your photographer has delivered your gallery and you are in love with every image. You have ordered your canvases and prints and now are ready to get started. Where to even begin? All these blank walls and you are ready to get them personalized. Check out Surround Yourself with their latest blog post 5 Tips for Hanging Art.

Don’t let your investment sit in a closet!

10 Tips to Selecting an Awesome Wedding Photographer

So he asked and you answered with a resounding yes! You wear your ring with pride and now it is time to start the planning. As soon as you have your venue confirmed you need to confirm your wedding photographer, so here are a few tips to get you started.

1. Whats your style? There are so many wonderful styles of photography out there and it is important to settle on a style prior to making a final decision. Do you want traditional looking images that are posed similar to the ones of your parents? Do you want your whole wedding shot on film? Or a whole day documented in a photojournalistic approach? I would highly recommend doing some research around photography styles and seeing what catches your eye. Here are a few different detailed descriptions as listed on Here Comes The Guide. Do you connect with their work? Can you imagine you and your beau in place of the couple you see on their website. If so this is a photographer you should reach out to.

(Image on the left is an example of fine art, image on the right is an example of traditional)2016-02-01_0001.jpg

2. Know your rights. Most photographers stipulate in their contracts that they maintain ownership of their images. Meaning they can use it for advertising, on social media, and more. Also, they may stipulate that in order to share your images on social media that you only share those with their watermark, or giving them photography credit. This is not necessarily a bad thing but it is important that you understand how in which your images will be used. You also want to ensure that you are given a print release for your images. Some photographers may require you to purchase this, where others don’t require an additional purchase.

3. Do you mesh? This person is going to be participating in one of the most intimate times of your life. It is important that you get along with your photographer and have established a level of trust. A lot of this can be established via social media. Check out their blog, their Facebook page, and their communication style. I have often found myself connected to others on social media because I can see parallels in our lives. We both love dogs, we both have kids, we both recently purchased our first home. I also have found myself connected because of how they are able to connect others through their imagery. It is important that you and your photographer can have open and honest conversations about your ideas and your likes and dislikes.

4. Have they shot a wedding like yours? So your wedding is completely indoors, in a church followed by a reception inside a hall. This is not to get into a discussion around natural light photographers versus dramatic light photographers, but more an understanding of what your photographers capabilities are. Ask the question don’t assume. If you have found a photographers work that you love but everything on their website shows natural light images, ask to see work that they have done in low light situations, and visa verse. If everything you see on their website is dramatic light, but you know you want your bridal portraits shot in natural light, ask the question. A photographer running an established wedding business will more then likely have experience in low light situations and natural light situations, and can show you examples in galleries not located on their websites.

(Image on left is a low light situation, image on right shows an outdoor lighting situation)2016-02-01_0002.jpg

5. Set up an interview. Either in person or via phone, there is nothing wrong with requesting an interview with a photographer. This is another opportunity to see if your personalities mesh, as well as establish a different level of trust. Emails and text are great but sometimes you need to hear the energy behind the words to know if this is the right person for you to work with. You can also take this as a chance to review their work on a deeper level, such as their wedding albums and how their work looks on print. Lastly, you can check their professionalism, do they arrive on time, do they appear presentable? Remember photographers are artist, so they probably will not show up in a three piece suit. I have known photographers that looked like they stepped off of a runway and others who have pink hair and nose piercings, and both produce amazing work, are professional, punctual and in love with what they do, which leads me to my next point.


6. Are they in love with what they do? Now I might be getting into some murky waters here, but since this is my top 10 pointers for finding a rockin’ photographer here goes. I have been really fortunate to run in circles of photographers who are some of the most passionate, artistic, and creative people I have ever met. Their passion, love, and painstaking attention to detail comes out in every single image. No one is perfect, but what feels perfect is their passion and love for what they do. You want this person as your wedding photographer. I have met with more then one client who shared with me that they appreciated that I didn’t make them feel like I was doing them a favor by being a part of their day. I was shocked to hear that this type of mentality existed. Your wedding photographer should make you feel like every moment of your day is just as important to them as it is to you.

7. Tell me a story. When you think back on your wedding day you probably won’t remember much of the details, but more of how you felt. I was married four years ago and I couldn’t begin to tell you what my bouquet looked like or the details in my veil. That is why you want a photographer who can curate a story. Someone who is comfortable capturing the details and the emotion of your day. If I can barely remember from four years ago, imagine twenty years from now? Find a photographer that can be a story teller for you, that can lay out your day from when you are putting the finishing touches on your lipstick, your groom is adjusting his tie, until you are getting sweaty on the dance floor. Of course how long your story is told depends on which collection you have selected with your photographer, it is important to discuss timelines with your photographer to ensure that your day is captured in the timeline discussed.


8. Can I afford you? That is the question of the hour right? You love their work and everything else lines up, now it is time to discuss cost. In the world of photography it is important to have a clear understanding of the cost. What are you getting for their services? Every photographer is different when it comes to this, and there are of course market trends as well. I am a firm believer in having an experience when I am paying for something. From the time I start engaging with the person until my finished product is delivered what is my experience? I am also a firm believer of ‘you get what you pay for’. There is nothing that can beat quality, no matter any amount of albums, prints, usb’s those can not make up for a quality photographer. If you have set your photography budget for $3500 and your dream photographer is $4000, I am the first one to say, come up with the $500! Your wedding day is worth it, but if your have set your budget at $3500 and your dream photographer is $7500, then I would recommend that you search for someone within your target budget. Just like you wouldn’t haggle with your hairdresser or your plumber, I would not recommend haggling with your photographer, however after careful review of their packages you should ask about possibly swapping or upgrades for items you know you will not get use from. I have heard over and over that wedding photography is expensive, but keep in mind that even though it was one day for you, it is several weeks for us. On the day of we may carry anywhere from $5,000 to $20,000 worth the camera gear, give or take. All the hours spent on editing, software, taxes, insurance, licenses, shipping, studio expenses and so much more. It is important to remember again, you are getting what you paid for, and that should be quality, time and an amazing experience.

9. Confirm who will be shooting your day. If you are looking at a larger photography studio the name on the wall may not be the person capturing your day, and that does not mean you should shy away. It just means that that lead photographer has taken, in some cases, years to train and work with other amazing photographers to shoot in their style. Whether or not you are dealing with a studio or an individual you should always ensure there will be a second shooter. Most include this a part of their collections, and others have this option as an add on, and I highly recommend it. A great second shooter will capture angles and moments that your lead may not, as they can not be in two places at once.

(Beautiful image captured by my second shooter as this groom saw his bride for the first time! His jaw literally hit the floor!! Because I was covering the bride I would have never gotten this image without my awesome and trusted second shooter)Blog Submission-73

10. What about the gear? So as a photographer I have seen arguments back and forth about gear, the right gear, the wrong gear, and also who cares about gear?? As a bride or groom, gear is probably not as important as it is to a photographer but I have added this for a few reasons. It doesn’t take the most expensive camera to capture a lovely memorable moment. I recently saw some of the most amazing pictures on a group and the photographer had all of her gear stolen and was shooting on a commercial camera. I mean you would have never known the difference her work was memorable, engaging and creative. Most of your more established photographers travel to weddings with cameras that have dual memory cards, in case one fails, and multiple cameras. I recently saw a video of a photographer who was capturing the bridal party departing the ceremony and she literally fell into a lake, camera and all! Talk about a horrible experience, her memory card was saved but the camera was a goner. Luckily like many professionals a back up was packed and ready. Things happen and you want to work with someone who comes as prepared as possible. This is again where a second shooter comes in handy. Also, unless you are getting married at 8am in the morning, your photographer should be prepared for low light situations. Today most professional cameras can handle a low light situations with no problem and most photographers also have some sort of additional lighting when needed, wether it be a video light or a camera flash. Ask the questions, as you want to ensure no memories of your day are lost because of gear. You want to know their back-up plan.

(Me dual camera shooting a lil film and a lil digital)fb-6.jpg

Happy shopping and I hope these tips will help you in making a decision to identify a trusted, amazing photographer.

Ashley & Cameron: Fall Auburn Wedding

Ashley and Cameron got married on a beautiful fall day overlooking the lake on the groom’s parent’s sprawling Auburn property. This day was bigger than Ashley and Cameron and included adorning watchful eyes that would be forever impacted by their union.  Ashley was overcome with tears early in the day overwhelmed with the thought of the personal commitment Cameron was making not just to her but to her daughter, BellaBoth Cameron and Ashley had some pre-ceremony shenanigans with their closest friends and but also had special moments too. Ashley was escorted down the long stretch from the house to the start of the aisle by Cameron’s father and then handed over to the arms of her own father.  Due to health issues, no one thought it was possible, but he was determined to escort his baby girl down the aisle and he accomplished just that. There was not a dry eye in the house when Cameron bent down to give his personal commitment of love and protection to Bella.   When the exchange of vows was complete they were all now one family connected not just by love but by recognized as such but all and the law too.

The wedding party, their closest friends and family dinned under a beautiful outdoor tent.  Their guests were treated to a smores bar and cotton candy. Having met in a club, Ashley and Cameron made sure that the DJ was spinning the latest beats that kept the dance floor full and I even did a little jig myself. 

Caterer: California Catering Company

Party Rentals: Celebrations Party Rentals

DJ: Danny Fisher’s Music Magic

Make-up Artist: Tina Marie

Hair Stylist: Jessica Stone

Floral Designer: La Breyer Dine and Design

Cake Designer: Paddy Cakes

Vintage Rentals: Simple Country Weddings




Megan & Chris: San Ramon Tassajara School House Engagement

After a chance meeting at a bar these two had no idea they lived only two blocks from each other most of their lives. Megan and Chris hit it off and they knew they had something, and sparks flew. Chris proposed in the comfort of their home and now these two are just months away from their special day.

Megan and Chris wanted to take advantage of the privacy that the San Ramon Tassajara School House had to offer. The school house is surrounded by large walnut trees and picnic tables, perfect for a quiet afternoon out. It was an overcast day with glimmers of sunshine peeking through the clouds. Chap the dog was ready for his cameo with his coordinated bowtie matching his parents. Megan and Chris were adorable as they brought love, romance and lot’s of chemistry at this beautiful fall engagement session.


Daceia & Dethrick: Livermore Wente Vineyards Engagement Session

These lovebirds first met through a Facebook group, and after deciding to meet at a mixer soon after have been going strong every since. They knew they wanted a future together and Dethrick decided he couldn’t wait another day when he popped the question while watching one of their favorite tv shows winding down for the night.

Wente Vineyards in Livermore, CA was the perfect backdrop for Daceia and Dethricks fall engagement session. Both wearing beautiful greens they looked amazing in the gorgeous wooded area that provided their session backdrop. It was apparent that this was one of “those” couples. You know the ones that look at each other and giggle, can’t keep their hands off each other, kind of couple. I loved every minute of this shoot, they way they connected, how he looked at her and the way he was able to make her smile. I am so looking forward to shooting their Valentine’s Day wedding of love!


Jim & Jane: Pollock Pines Winter Wedding

Snow covered the ground in patches as I rounded the mountains to Jane and Jim’s home in Pollock Pines. I remember as I was going up and up I prayed that the Lord would have me to make it as the roads were windy and a little (LOT) scary. Jane had asked me if I was comfortable driving in the mountains, and of course me, “why yes!” When I arrived the house it was bustling with close friends and relatives and Jane and I bonded right away. You see, Jane and I didn’t meet in my traditional way of meeting with a new bride, there was no engagement session or bridal consultation, I had heard about a bride who’s wedding photographer canceled last minute and she was in urgent need of someone so we chatted over the phone and text back and forth until we both had a good sense of her special day.

Once I had arrived at the home, Jane shared how Jim and her had first met and how on date one, they had danced the night away. Jane is a former ice skater and she loves to dance. She chose to marry Jim in a beautiful gold sequenced gown that she added details to herself, which included a gorgeous handmade headpiece and bouquet. She said the first time we talked that she was into bling and that she was known as “glamma”. Well she was spot on because her whole wedding was blinged out with gorgeous details from start to finish. The ceremony was held on a private property with a family church on gorgeous estate which let in the most beautiful sunlight. After the ceremony family and friends went to Jane and Jim’s favorite steakhouse where they celebrated and danced the night away with the couples closest family and friends.


Jane’s gorgeous dress hanging from one of the barns on their lovely property.2016-01-06_0023

Jane’s added embellishments and handmade birdcage headpiece. 2016-01-06_00062016-01-06_00242016-01-06_0003

These two were smiles and giggles the whole day.2016-01-06_00262016-01-06_00072016-01-06_00102016-01-06_00372016-01-06_00022016-01-06_00082016-01-06_00392016-01-07_0001

They decided to do a first look, which gave us an opportunity to take come beautiful bridal portraits before their trip down the aisle.2016-01-06_00272016-01-06_00282016-01-06_00012016-01-06_00302016-01-06_00312016-01-06_00322016-01-06_00122016-01-06_00332016-01-06_00132016-01-06_0014

Jane being escorted down the aisle by her father.2016-01-06_00202016-01-06_00042016-01-06_00112016-01-06_00342016-01-06_0017

“With this ring, I thee wed!”2016-01-06_00052016-01-06_00182016-01-06_00192016-01-06_0025

Jane ready to boogie…2016-01-06_00442016-01-06_0043

Jane and Jim cutting their lovely winter themed wedding cake.2016-01-06_0040

Of course it was also blinged out.2016-01-06_00412016-01-06_0042

First dance as husband and wife.2016-01-06_0035

A dance with daddy.2016-01-06_00292016-01-06_00362016-01-06_0009

Jane, Jim and her parents get down and boogie!2016-01-06_00462016-01-06_0047

May the smiles and kisses last a lifetime!2016-01-06_0045